January 23rd-24th, 2012 


Call for Papers

With the advent of information age/knowledge age powered by internet, increasingly large amount of information is becoming accessible electronically. The internet has promoted and speeded the growth of information. Unfortunately most of the information artifacts are designed and developed for consumption by humans. The internet today is growing at an astounding pace and today has more than 34 Billion web pages. The internet is now an ocean with various kinds of artifacts.

Similar to the internet the enterprises systems are growing in size, large software frameworks are being deployed. The dynamic business scenarios are prompting mergers and acquisitions due to which different IT systems are interfaced with each other. This is increasing the complexities of the systems and there is significant learning curve to understand such applications.  Enterprises are facing problems related to comprehension, knowledge representation and reasoning.  21st century needs systems that that are less people dependent, able to capture expert knowledge, and equipped to handle information overload.


Compute 2012 invites submissions from both researchers and practitioners in the broad area of scalable and intelligent systems. An indicative list of appropriate topics is as follows: