January 23rd-24th, 2012 


Selected Full Papers

Sr. No Easy Chair Id  Paper Title
1 3 Scalable Lock-Free FIFO Queues using Efficient Elimination Techniques
2 79 A Robust Neural Network Classifier to Model the Compressive Strength of High Performance Concrete Using Feature Selection
3 73 Mining Research Abstracts for Exploration of Research Communities
4 85 A Generic Topology Discovery Approach for Huge Social Networks
5 100 Multimodal Biometric System Based on Hand geometry, Palmprint and Signature
6 108 A Review of Path Planning and Mapping Technologies for Autonomous Mobile Robot Systems
7 30 A Knowledge-based Formalization of UBL Processes using Hybrid programs
8 58 GPU implementation of a novel hybrid lattice Boltzmann method for non-isothermal flows
9 86 Texture Edge Statistics for Efficient Retrieval of Biomedical Images
10 44

Upper Body Pose Recognition and Classifier

11 65 Enabling High Performance Computing using Microsoft HPC Server
12 99 RobExT: A tool to customize microarray data for Cell Designer and Cytoscape
13 28 FIRA - A novel method for benchmarking the cache hierarchy.
14 88 Insertion and Querying Mechanism For A Distributed XML Database System
15 67 Parallel Algorithm to Evaluate Contextual Features for Term Weighting
16 2 Reconstructing the Software Environment of an Experiment with Kameleon